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Custom Metal Staircase Spokane

Creating an attractive and functional custom metal staircase can be a real statement in your custom home or business! Building one involves a lot of technical details and design work. The combination of materials and long list of code requirements create real challenges.

barn wood

Elevations and limited square footage is always a key element when creating your design and layout. In the end comfort while traveling up and down your custom stairs is very important!

Biggs Metal Art is focused on creating a comfortable and attractive way to meet these important functions. Combining a durable and attractive statement for your home or business not only creates value but appreciation for the space. With the many different options in materials ranging from steel, aluminum, woods and even concrete.

Aluminum retractable stairs

There are limitless design options when creating your design. From the ornate rustic blacksmith railing and Barn wood treads. To the computer designed modern industrial.

metal stair case

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