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Custom Restaurant Interior Spokane using Barn Wood and Industrial Design

Custom restaurant interior Spokane By Biggs Metal Art using salvage barn wood and Industrial designed steel. JJ's Tap and Smoke House recently got a Rustic and Industrial make over. Accenting its classic and Smokey meat flavors. Sporting Two new large 3ft x 9ft banquet tables with rolling steel bases. And all new industrial steel dining tables. They're ready to seat and feed an army. New cantilever bar tables create a spacious seat while watching the game. Barn wood walls installed all around keeping the look rustic and hiding the TV's connection. All the Douglas Fur wood was salvaged from old barns in the PNW.

Two 3'x9' tables seat 20 people with loads of leg room.

Cantilever tables create a unique and spacious seating.

Barn wood walls hide TV connections and create a warm welcoming environment.

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