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Custom Metal Railing Spokane

stainless steel railing

Biggs Metal Art has designed , fabricated and installed numerous custom metal railings around the Pacific North West. Combining computer design and fabrication a clean and attractive result can be achieved.

Stainless steel railing

There are many code requirements mandatory in todays custom railing construction. Fencing and hand railing height are a key factor. Along with gaps in fencing these can make or break your inspectors approval on a project.

modern industrial steel railing

Achieving a unique design can create real challenges when trying to produce a legal and attractive result. Such factors can interfere with your certificate of occupancy or resale on a property. Custom Metal Railing should be strong, safe and comfortable for daily use for everyone and every size. Biggs Metal Art has had great success in achieving functional and legal designs.

modern industrial railing

Combing different materials like Steel and wood is ideal for interior custom railings. Angles, curves and elevations all play major part or the design. Biggs Metal Art can fabricate metal and woods into whatever shape is needed.

modern idustrial railling

Modern Industrial railings to organic and ornamental railings. Designs are created to suit the clients existing theme or style. And if needed to create a center piece for any balcony, stairway or loft.

ornate metal railing

Most details are expressed in drawings but it is often decided during fabrication what alterations are needed to achieve the best interest of the project. Keeping always the clients designs and function in mind.

steel railing with aluminum perferated landing

Wood and metal landings can be incorporated to create transitions for your custom metal railing. All working together to provide a comfortable and safe transition from one level of you custom home or office to another.

Hammered metal railing and barn wood stairs

Modern industrial metal railings

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