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Custom Conference Table Spokane

metal and barn wood conference table

Biggs Metal Art has designed and fabricated numerous custom metal and wood conference tables over the years. These tables create an impressive center piece for your business or office. An excellent spot to hold an important business meeting or review plans with a client or co-worker.

With endless design options your conference table can be unique to fit you and your business. A combination metal bases such as steel, aluminum, copper or stainless material to support any size and shape. Woods tops are preferred ranging from a very popular Barn wood to imported hard woods like Perota or Brazilian Mahogany.

Most any size can be created to seat a large team highlighting focus and direction. Able to adapt rustic finishes with modern amenities for devises and communication tools. These are vital in todays high tech working environments.

Depending on the design preference you choose, any scale can be achieved. Making the table in sections so it can be transported and positioned in most any office building or business. In some cases being lifted threw windows or up staircases by a team of strong people.

A single slab of Parota was used on a table for Market Vision. This was a very large center cut from a tree most commonly found in Mexico. A branded base meant to resemble the MV for there logo. More often solid woods like Douglas Fur are joined with glue and drum sanded to create a large flat table top surface.

Restaurants can be an excellent location to host meetings over lunch or dinner. Having the proper table ready to host is vital when creating your custom restaurant interior. Not every business has the space to bring a large group of people together. With this type of group setting in place your location can be important to growing businesses all while helping to support yours.

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